Motif No. 1

Glob Patterns

Some time in 2016 or 2017, I needed a way to match file paths with glob patterns. The trick was that it had to work in a filter driver running in the Windows kernel. There weren’t a lot of ready-to-use libraries that were kernel-ready. In fact I couldn’t find any, so I wrote my own.

Layoffs at F5

In April 2023, I was laid of from F5, Inc.. It was a significant layoff of about 9% of the workforce, or 623 employees, worldwide. Given that the economy, at least here in the United States, doesn’t seem all that bad, I was surprised to see so many good engineers, product managers, sales people, and others let go.

The Orchard

My wife and I went to the Paramount Theater in Boston last night to see The Orchard, a variation of Anton Chekhov’s play, The Cherry Orchard, starring Jessica Hecht and Mikhail Baryshnikov. It was a very avant-garde play. It used a robotic arm that was its own character, a Boston Dynamics robotic dog, and a projection screen curtain draped in front of the whole stage.

A Table Shortcode for Hugo

I write a lot of notes in Markdown files and use Hugo to display them in a browser. It makes for easy reading and jumping among them. Several months ago, I needed to create some tables where some cells spanned mulitple rows or columns. That’s not possible with Markdown tables. Creating tables in HTML with appropriate classes seemed tedious. I thought it might be less so by defining tables in TOML and use a shortcode to translate them into HTML.

Asymptotic Notation

Big-O, Big-\(\Omega\) (Big-Omega), and Big-\(\Theta\) (Big-Theta) notation are used to describe some aspect of an algorithm (usually the running time or the memory resources it needs) relative to the size of the input data.

Waiting for Election Results

The election is over. All we can do is wait for the counting complete. I hope enough people who see just how terrible this failure of a human being, Donald Trump, is went to the polls and voted. The future of our country depends on it.

Nevertheless, I have to get a few things off my chest. This morning, I considered writing a post about how horrible and dangerous the actions and words of Donald Trump are and how they undermine trust in one of the most sacred aspects of American democracy, the electoral process. It is through our right to vote for our representatives in government that our democracy functions. Without trust in that process, our democracy and our country fail.

Vote 2020

If you live in the United States of America, please vote! Election Day is Tuesday, November 3rd.

A New Hugo-Based Blog

In my previous post I talked a little about why and how I started this blog. Here I want to present my experience with Hugo and what I like about it.


Creating a blog is hard. I admire those who are able to design their own and write regular posts, so much so that I’m trying again to create my own blog. I started this blog late in 2015. After writing a few posts, I became discouraged. I didn’t like the way it looked, the tools often broke, and I didn’t have a clear idea of what I wanted to write, or why I was blogging.

A Dangerous Spectacle

I am truly saddened by the outcome of the 2016 presidential election.