Motif No. 1

Layoffs at F5

In April 2023, I was laid of from F5, Inc.. It was a significant layoff of about 9% of the workforce, or 623 employees, worldwide. Given that the economy, at least here in the United States, doesn’t seem all that bad, I was surprised to see so many good engineers, product managers, sales people, and others let go.

The Orchard

My wife and I went to the Paramount Theater in Boston last night to see The Orchard, a variation of Anton Chekhov’s play, The Cherry Orchard, starring Jessica Hecht and Mikhail Baryshnikov. It was a very avant-garde play. It used a robotic arm that was its own character, a Boston Dynamics robotic dog, and a projection screen curtain draped in front of the whole stage.

The Pursuit of Happiness Gels in the Imagination

Imagination is good, but action needs to be taken in the real world.